Watch: Biden Claims He Didn’t Say What He Actually Said?


Watch: Biden Claims He Didn't Say What He Actually Said?
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Before “winning” the November election, then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed that if Americans really want to see the last of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’d have to put him in the Oval Office.

Well, he did — or, at least, that’s what reportedly happened.

In reality, former President Donald had set Biden up for success by starting Operation Warp Speed, through which two novel coronavirus vaccines were developed.

Of course, distribution will take some time as there are some 330 million people in America — but we don’t need to worry because President Joe Biden is now in the Oval Office, which means we’ll soon not have to worry about COVID-19 anymore.

Before the election, Biden said, “Elect me, and I’ll eradicate COVID,” but earlier this week, the president appeared to waver from that claim, which is why Fox News’ Peter Doocy called him out.

“So, you just said that you think that three weeks or so we will be at the point where there are a million vaccines a day…” Doocy asked Biden at a Monday press conference.

“No, I think we will get there before that,” Biden interjected. “I said, I hope — I misspoke — I hope we will be able to increase as we go on until we get to the million-five per day. That’s my expectation — my hope.”

“And then, the follow-up to that would be, now that you are president and you’re saying ‘there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.’ What happened to two months ago when you were talking declaratively about ‘I am going to shut down the virus’?” Doocy added.

Biden began a rather long response before finally saying that he will “shut down the virus,” though he never said it would take just “two months.”

“We are, just for the first day, I think, correct me if I’m wrong, I have been doing other things, this morning, speaking with foreign leaders,” he said, “but one of the things I think, this is one of the first days that the numbers actually have come down, the number of deaths and the number, daily, and the number of hospitalizations, etcetera.”

That’s a lot different from saying that he’d get rid of the virus if he’s put in the Oval Office. After all, anyone can say that they’ll get rid of the virus eventually.

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