Riots Erupt After Another Black Man Is Shot By Police


Riots Erupt After Another Black Man Is Shot By Police
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The Lancaster Police Department responded to a domestic dispute call on Sunday.

A police officer was called to a home for a “domestic disturbance,” said the Lancaster District Attorney’s office on Sunday night.

Upon arriving at the scene, he was chased by the knife-wielding suspect of the domestic disturbance. The suspect was later identified as Ricardo Munoz, who has a track record of stabbing people.

Once on the scene, the Lancaster City police officer fired a gun at Munoz, who was armed with a knife. Munoz was pronounced dead at the scene.

The footage from the police officer’s body cam indeed shows that he was chased by Munoz with a knife before he shot him. CAUTION: The video clip might be disturbing to some people.

A year ago, Munoz had been arrested by the police after he went on a stabbing spree. He injured four people, one of whom was a teenager. Munoz resisted arrest before he was caught in 2019, holding a knife to his own throat. He had tried to run before he was tased and brought into custody.

Whether or not the police officer had known before he shot Munoz, the fact remains that the act was clearly justified. He was chased by Munoz and retreated the entire time, before finally shooting the man.

It was a clear act of self-defense by the police officer, but it seems that even the footage doesn’t matter to the left. The police had released the footage as soon as possible to head off riots in Lancaster.

Unfortunately, it failed. Black Lives Matter supporters protested over the shooting. Those so-called protests quickly turned into rioting, which left the police officers no other option but to use gas to clear the street.

The police department only resorted to this tactic after significant damage had been done to the police station, and even the post office.

Here’s a live video from Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer, who was on the scene at the time:

There were also armed men in camouflage who offered tactical support to the police. According to him, whenever these armed individuals came, the protesters ran.

Although the incident appears clearly justified and seems to be an act of self-defense, the District Attorney’s office is required to investigate the incident, as it was a shooting done by a police officer.

According to PennLive, the District Attorney’s office is currently investigating the shooting incident. Based on the results of the investigation, the DA’s office will determine whether the policeman’s use of force was justified, as well as whether any crimes occurred or not.

“A police-involved shooting has a significant impact on a community, as we are seeing with the large number of individuals gathering in the streets,” District Attorney Heather Adams said Sunday night. “However, I am asking that all reactions be tempered as the investigation is ongoing.”

DA Adams had promised that all details would be released in a timely manner. In exchange, he had asked that acts of protest would remain peaceful, as violence and destruction of property will do no good for the safety and wellbeing of the citizens and the neighborhood.

The BLM riots have now reached Pennsylvania — over an act of self-defense. If the riots had been done in genuine protest over the police officer’s use of force, Black Lives Matter would have waited until evidence came that pointed to that.

But, the news was barely out before they went out on the streets burning and destroying public property.

From where I stand, it seems the rioters are looking for any excuse to spread anarchy all over the United States of America.

Where is the “law and order” that we were promised?

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