Biden Supporters Indicted for Robbery and Assault After Mugging a 7-Year-Old


Biden Supporters Indicted for Robbery and Assault After Mugging a 7-Year-Old
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The Democrat Convention opened up on August 20th. While many across the globe were keen on looking at what the Democrats had to state, incidents of violence sprung up in different corners of the country. Violence and anarchy are pretty much endemic for the left-wing. Only now, the odds have been witnessed by the rest of America.

Two women named Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy trespassed a private property with the clear agenda to destroy the land and whip out the signs of “MAGA”. Obstructing their act of destruction was a seven-year-old boy. Instead of shooing him off, the women harassed the young kid, shoved him, and snatched off his hat because it had “MAGA” written all over it. Guess what’s even more interesting? These women have been recognized as ardent supporters of Biden.

So, now the Democrats have sunk so low that they choose to mistreat a kid? The boy’s mother was worried and anguished. She did not just sit back and watch. She caught the women on video, followed them through the streets, and got everything filmed. The mother couldn’t stand by and watch, could she? Not only was her 7-year-old knocked down, but her property was sabotaged as well.

The kid is scared, but he was raised well. He did not fear from forging ahead and stopping these women from ruining his yard. Only, if it was a brawny adult instead of the kid, both Camryn and Winslow would have had to undergo dental surgeries and nose jobs.

This is not an uncommon event these days. Vandalizing properties and knocking down people happen everyday. Now they don’t even spare kids. It undeniably resembles a pattern that tails from the ruling days of Barack Obama. Remember, Obama, allowed his followers to shove it right in the face of the ones that did not agree to the Obama narratives.

That’s not all. Here’s shedding some limelight on a similar incident in Boulder last week. A 12-year-old boy was hurt, assaulted, and knocked over for putting up a Trump sign in his yard. According to the police, the young boy was having a fun time bicycling around the yard. A woman driving past the spot on a moped stopped the young kid and squared up to him. He was assaulted for a Trump sign. This woman was also a supporter of Joe Biden.

The question is, what are the Democrats teaching other than anarchy or hurting young children?

Riley, the 7-year-old kid who got mugged by two insane women is doing pretty fine now. Of course, he was scared, but he is gradually recovering from the incident. What made this child super happy is a bunch of gifts sent by none other than President Donald Trump himself. Since his MAGA hat was snatched away, he now has a brand new one along with several other things. If you haven’t seen the picture yet, it has gone viral. Trump is certainly winning hearts. Riley is now a proud owner of a lot of MAGA things.

The cretins cannot be spared. Justice must be served. Both Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow have been successfully arrested and are currently in police custody. As many as 7 charges were pressed against them. Three of the charges are serious felonies, including assault, criminal hate against a juvenile (7-year-old boy), and robbery. It is much expected that the women are going to serve a long sentence — at least 15 years of jail-time.

Who are to be blamed, the parents, or the institutions? Why does no one bother raising a generation of mature people who don’t jump into conclusions? Today’s generation are bold enough to think that they have the right to sabotage properties or lay hands on anyone or everyone in public. Intolerance and racism are on a surge. It needs to stop. Are the Democrats even listening? They are torching the country and hurting their fellow Americans.

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